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Citizenship and immigration Canada

Citizenship in Canada is different from permanent residency in Canada. You get PR before Canadian
citizenship. It is not impossible to get it but it takes a bit of time and you should have a long enough
stay in Canada to apply for it. There is an eligibility criterion to apply for it too. After you apply for it,
it takes 12 months to process and that includes a citizenship test, interview, and ceremony.
Canadian citizenship is quite beneficial for you because you can avail all the amenities given by the
government. You will have more job opportunities, relief from losing Canadian status, don’t need to
renew immigration documents and you can apply for a Canadian passport also.

Who can apply for Canadian Citizenship?

The people who satisfy the below-mentioned points can fill out the form for Canadian Citizenship.
Look at the points to know if you qualify or not-

1. You should have permanent residency status
2. You have lived in Canada for 3 years out of the last 5 years
3. You have filed for taxes as a citizen if required
4. You have clear a citizenship test
5. You have to prove your language skill

If you are a minor or you fall under a different category, then rules may vary. You will have to follow
some other rules too, in order to get your citizenship in Canada. You can fill out a form and send all
the information online or you can courier the form too. Make sure to add the correct information.
Along the document, a particular amount of fees is also paid. The fee you pay is non-refundable.