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Federal Skilled Workers Program

Express Entry is a category that gives the opportunity to working people to migrate to Canada and become permanent residents there. One such category to get PR is Federal Skilled Workers. The FSWP was the first program in the world to impartially assess immigration applicants. Currently, Canada’s Express Entry system oversees three skilled worker programs, the Federal Skilled Workers Program being one of them. On our page, you may find all the information you want regarding the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

What is the requirement for FSWP?

Potential applicants must fulfill the minimal standards for job, language proficiency, education, and acquire at least 67 points on the program's 100-point grid in order to be qualified to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program 

The prerequisites are as follows:
1.       Ten years of comparable full-time paid work experience in a skilled occupation with a
           National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level of 0, A, or B; one year of continuous
          full-time employment;
2.       Validated language proficiency in either English or French in all domains (reading, writing,
           listening, and speaking) is comparable to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7; and
3.       Education Certification Assessment (ECA) report and a Canadian or international
          educational credential (certificate, diploma, or degree).
4.       Obtain a minimum of 67 points on the FSWP grid. The grid used by the program evaluates
          applicants based on traits including flexibility, language proficiency, job experience, and age.
5.       Complete the requirements for settlement money (if applicable). Candidates might need to
          show they have enough money saved up to get by financially once they arrive in Canada.


If you meet the requirements, you can join the Express Entry pool. The CRS is used to rank candidate profiles in the Express Entry pool, which further comprises Federal Skilled Trades and applicants.