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Immigration and passport control at the airport. woman border control officer puts a stamp in the US passport of american citizen. Concept

Express Entry programe has 3 categories that allow you to enter Canada and work for various positions. When Canadian citizens cannot fill in the positions then the government allows immigrants to fill for those positions. Out of 3 categories, the first category is Provincial Nomination Program, also called as PNP. Canada has 13 provinces and territories and Canadian cities have their own PNP vacancies also. Procedures and requirements for each city is quite similar with minute changes.

Who can apply for PNP?


This programme caters to employees who-
1. Possess the knowledge, training, and work experience necessary to boost the economy of a certain region or area.
2. Want to reside in that province.
3. Wish to settle in Canada permanently.


Almost all provinces and territories have their own “streams” (immigration policies that focus on particular demographics) and specifications. As an illustration, provinces and territories may focus on-

1. students
2. persons in business
3. skilled personnel
4. semi-skilled personnel


Canada has total 13 Provinces and territories which have their own immigration programs (exception of Quebec) called PNPs. This program nominates the candidates who wish to apply their permanent residency. Each PNP has at least one immigration stream that is aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system.


This program works if the workers have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province. To fill the application under this program, you must follow the instructions properly and submit a complete reviewed application to get the approval.