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Canada Visitor Visa

Going to Canada as a visitor/ tourist is quite uncomplicated, and the process is also quite simple.
Many people apply for this visa if they want to travel, want to meet their family members or visit
Canada for some business purpose. Anyone can apply for it like visitor visa for parents, or family.
This visa has various names like “tourist visa”, “visitor visa,” or “temporary resident visa.” A person
gets a residency of up to 6 months in Canada and they cannot claim any rights given to Canadian
residents or citizens.

What is the eligibility criteria for a visitor visa?

1. A person shouldn’t be involved in any criminal activity.
2. Should have a valid passport and the expiry date of passport should be after 6 months of visa
3·  Being in good health is important.
4·  Should have a family and property here, which will bring you back
5·   Good financial strength to support the expenses of your stay
6·    If someone has called you there and keep a letter of invitation with you

A person who has committed some human rights violation or has been involved in any crime is not
entitled to get Canada visitor visa approval, even if they fit in all the other eligibility criteria. Depending on
your place of origin and if you plan to stay just briefly, you could require a visitor’s visa or an
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter Canada.