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Spouse open work permit Canada

With minimal limitations, a spouse of some temporary Canadian visa holders is able to work anywhere in Canada for any company.

Who is eligible for Spouse Open Work Permit?

An applicant for a spousal open work permit may be one who has applied to be sponsored by their spouse or one whose spouse is in Canada with a valid study or work permit. The conditions and requirements for requesting a spousal open work visa are determined by your spouse’s status in Canada. If your spouse or partner obtains an open work permit, it often has the same duration of validity as your work or study permits.


For the period of the work permit, you are able to work anywhere in Canada for any qualifying company. The nicest part of being the spouse of an International Student or a Skilled Worker is that you may earn Canadian job experience, qualify for Permanent Residency before your spouse’s visa or work permit expires in Canada, and you can also offer financial assistance. They will both file for PR at the same time because they are a legal family unit.


The SOWP application’s success as a foreign national is greatly influenced by the applicant’s capacity  for employment, current financial status, and travel experience.



To be eligible for a spouse open work permit, you must:

To successfully get a work permit for your spouse or common-law partner, you must fulfil a few conditions, some of which are:

1. The candidate must be the spouse of a Canadian resident participating full-time in an appropriate DLI programme that leads to PGWP.

2. The candidate must be married to a skilled worker who works full time in Canada.

3. The applicant must be married to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and have a legal status in Canada at the time the application is being processed.



Specific conditions:

Even if your spouse or common-law partner is applying for an open work permit, you still need to show that you have enough money to support them as an applicant for the SOWP. This entails providing the appropriate documentation to demonstrate your financial holdings and monthly living expenses.