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This program is intended for business owners who aspire to launch an inventive company that can employ Canadians and compete globally and also, contributes in the overall economy of Canada. A separate visa program is there for the people who have such ideas which can be a big part of Canada in the future. To qualify for this visa, there are few requirements that you need to fulfill.

To boost the Canadian economy, Canada is constantly seeking for creative, competent businesspeople with cutting-edge ideas. If you meet these requirements and are an entrepreneur, you could be qualified to immigrate to Canada through this programme for start-up visas.

You must meet the following four criteria in order to be eligible for Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program:

1. You must own an eligible business,

2. You must be financially capable of supporting yourself and any family you have in Canada.

3. You must achieve the necessary linguistic standard.

4. A letter of support from the specified organisation is required.

5. Your company must be able to employ Canadians

It has never been simpler to start a new business in Canada thanks to the Start-Up Visa Program. This initiative seeks to provide doors for businesspeople to immigrate to Canada. If you can demonstrate that you have the capacity and ability to work effectively in Canada, you could only be eligible for this Program. Of course, you must also satisfy the necessary qualifying and selection criteria.

Sky Beat Immigration can assist you in making the process simple for you if you’re moving to Canada for commercial purposes. Contact us today, and our qualified counsellors will handle the rest for you.